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In late 2005, my jewelry was not selling very quickly in the Holiday Fair at the Craftworkers' Guild here in Bedford, NH. So I decided on a whim that I would also try selling some of the Jalapeño Jelly and Wild Grape Jelly that I was making to give as Christmas presents. Since food items do not have to be juried to be sold by Guild members through the shop, I took in a few jars of each type plus a small jar of each for sampling.

To my great surprise, both products sold out! I barely had enough left to give as presents. Throughout the winter and spring, people in town who had purchased these items would come up to me in the grocery store and ask if I had any more they could buy because they had run out. So I decided to plant more jalapeños this year as well as materials for making other exotic jellies to expand the line. I had a bumper crop in 2006 (except for the wild grapes that were too high up in the trees to harvest this year) and the canning season is now very busy.

So if you're in the market for unusual gift items this year, or if you just want these tasty gems for yourself, browse through my growing collection of homemade jellies and jams. I'm sure you'll find something you'll enjoy. Just get them while they're still available - it's a long time until the 2007 harvest!



Traditional, yet exotic. You won't find good old-fashioned homemade jellies like these in stores anymore. Treat yourself to these classic favorites.

Mint is not just mint. There are many varieties and they all have interesting flavor differences. They go great with everything from salads to desserts.

Herb jellies make interesting and tasty condiments and glazes. Try them with meats, breads, cheeses - or whatever suits your personal tastes.