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I will ship these jellies by either US mail or UPS, whichever makes the most sense at the time of shipment. If UPS is used, the package will go by ground. If you prefer a different method, there must be an additional charge beyond the standard shipping I already assess. The PayPal Shopping Cart system does not allow me to offer alternate shipping methods, so we must negotiate this by email.

Standard shipping charges are assessed per jar of jelly based on the size of the jar as follows:

4 oz. jar - $2.00
8 oz. jar - $4.00
16 oz. jar - $6.00

This helps defray the cost of both postage and packing materials needed to deliver my produce to you.

Of course, if you live nearby, you can avoid this cost by making an appointment to pay for and pick up your jellies in person. Contact me by email instead of ordering online if that is what you wish to do.



Traditional, yet exotic. You won't find good old-fashioned homemade jellies like these in stores anymore. Treat yourself to these classic favorites.

Mint is not just mint. There are many varieties and they all have interesting flavor differences. They go great with everything from salads to desserts.

Herb jellies make interesting and tasty condiments and glazes. Try them with meats, breads, cheeses - or whatever suits your personal tastes.